Whether your goal is to increase sales, obtain leads, generate brand image, promote trial, product launch or reward loyal consumers, Hispania Accent is a versatile and effective component for your marketing strategy and marketing mix. Our Hispanic marketing agency, can implement your strategy in the market place with a integrated offline and online marketing solution with the right approach.

Hispania Accent offers you different marketing services alternatives that will allow you to increase your sales while maintain your ROI. Some of the promotional activities that we have developed include:

•    Contests – Sweepstakes – instant winners
•    Product Sampling
•    On premise trials
•    Cross marketing promotions
•    Tie ins
•    Mobile phone marketing campaigns (SMS and Bluetooth)
•    Promotional specialties – premiums
•    Loyalty programs – Relationship Marketing
•    Coupons (online and offline)
•    Marketing Activations
•    Grass roots
•    On site promotions
•    Off and On premise promotions
•    Trade shows
•    Event marketing (for Hispanic and non Hispanic tragets)

Nowadays, most of these type of promotional tools can be implemented online and re-enforced offline if necessary. This provides great benefits in terms of cost and ROI.

Before implementing any promotional campaign, we carefully review your goals and we make sure those goals are aline and within reach your budget, expectations and ROI, using the best promotional tools available. Our Hispanic marketing agency has the capability to implement promotional activities offline and online creating an integrated marketing campaign for our clients in any market in the US and Latin America through our agencies partnership